Many of the monthly meetings include a photo critique session.  Entering and getting feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of a photograph is a great way to better your photography.  Club members are informed about upcoming critique sessions via email, and on this website.

Club members can submit up to three (3) photos for a critique session in one or more categories.  Visitors are always welcome to attend the meetings, but are not eligible to enter photos into these events.  Only digital images (jpg) are accepted.  With our new club projector, images can be up to 1920 pixels horizontally, and 1080 pixels vertically.  DPI does not matter.  Although any aspect ratio is acceptable, the largest view-able image is 1920x1080.

Each entered image must be named as follows:

The name must begin with the two letter code for the category in which it is entered, followed by a hyphen, the title of the image, followed by a hyphen, and the authors name.  An example for an entry in the landscape category, submitted by Mike Schumacher, with a title of "Grand Canyon" would be:

La-Grand Canyon-Mike Schumacher.jpg

PLEASE NOTE: Because we are now posting some of these images on our club website, it is very important to insure that the file name format is correct.  The name should have two (and only two) hyphens separating the category, title, and author.  Spaces or "_" characters are also allowed.  Spell your name the way you would like to see it displayed on the website.  Any "_" characters will be converted to spaces before a title or name is displayed on the website.  Members should include their name spelled the same way on every submission.  Member name should be full first name and last name (no initials) separated by a space or "_" character.

ONE FINAL NOTE:  The maximum size for an image (in pixels) is 1920 (horizontal) by 1080 (vertical).  If your image is larger than that, it would be helpful if it could be resized before submitting it, so that it fits within these limits.  A smaller horizontal and/or virtical resolution is acceptable for image crops that do not have a 16:9 aspect ratio.  Also try controlling the image quality when saving a jpg so that the size (in kilobytes) of the image is as small as possible while maintaining acceptable image quality for display.  A large image takes longer to display on a webpage.

Save the files as jpg.  You’ll want to use the srgb color space as that is the color space of our projector.

Email your entries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please email your images by the Monday before the meeding day to insure they are included in the critique session.

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